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Father And Son Murdered In Front Of Their Family

Father and son were murdered at home, in the early hours of this Wednesday (27), in the district of Barranco Alto, in Alfenas, 335 kilometers from Belo Horizonte.
A video made by the criminals themselves recorded the exact moment when father and son were killed. In the footage, we see the despair of family members who witnessed the crime.
A 15-year-old teenager, who was the victims' daughter and sister, told police that three men broke down the door of the house and broke into the place. One of them would be armed with a machete; the other with a rifle-like weapon.
The young woman claims to have seen the moment when her 17-year-old brother was hit on the head. The victim's father allegedly tried to defend his son and was shot dead. The teenager said that the suspects fired another shot, against the young man, and fled.
A neighbor said he heard three shots during the night. A circuit of cameras from his home helped police identify the car that was allegedly used by the killers. The accused were found on a dirt road in the district of Cavaco, in Alterosa, 324 kilometers from Belo Horizonte.
In addition to the victims and the teenager, an elderly couple, who were the parents of the murdered man, were inside the house. The two were in shock and did not testify to the police. The motive for the crime is still being investigated.
The police said that, although they lived in the district of Barranco Alto, the victims were from São Joaquim (SC). The family had moved to the south of Minas approximately four months ago

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