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Several Teenagers Shot From A Car

Jamaican police are theorising that a fallout between players in a lottery scam led to a gun attack which resulted in the shooting death of a young man yesterday afternoon.

The deceased has been identified as R.K, 18.

He was standing along the road with two friends waiting for his father around 3:30 p.m. when a black Nissan drove by.

The gunmen aboard then opened fire, hitting the teen multiple times.

He died on the spot.
His two friends managed to escape but the 18-year-old was not so lucky, he was shot several times at point blank range and died at the scene.

A video of the incident is making the rounds on social media

  1. TheBorg 7 November 2021 23:01
    The one who died got tripped up and fell... So shitty...
    1. UhOhImDeadio 8 November 2021 22:02
      Ya gotta be quicker than that
  2. ziggereto 7 May 2022 02:43
    See how they all get moving at the same time? That's what cars in front of me need to do when I'm in traffic.
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