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A Headshot Interrupted The Drinking

A man was shot dead in a bar in the Amazonas neighborhood, in Contagem, Grande BH, on Sunday night (10). According to the Military Police, the suspect got out of a car and shot the victim, who died instantly. Two other people were injured. The Civil Police investigate the case.
The episode took place at Espetaria Hermanos, on Avenida Alvarenga Peixoto, around 8pm. Lucas Rafael Carneiro was 34 years old and was at the bar with friends and his girlfriend, who was sitting at another table due to the couple's breakup.
According to the PM, the suspect appeared in a car and got out, firing several shots towards the man. A 24-year-old woman, who was close to him, was hit in the calf. One of the men accompanying him, 52, was shot in the arm

  1. fuckeduuuuup 12 April 2022 03:21
    It's like a where's wally/waldo. 10 points if you find the shooter, another 10 for the victim
  2. BellyMeat 12 April 2022 07:25
    …there’s always someone who wrecks great party
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