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Argentina. Dude Kills Robber

May 24, 2022 In broad daylight, two criminals approached a man who was next to his parked vehicle. They threatened him that they wanted to steal his vehicle and, in the midst of the violent struggle, one of the thieves was shot and died. The other fled. It happened in the city of Villa Ballester
The owner of the van, and victim of the act of attempted car hijacking, is a custodian of the Buenos Aires Police. At the time of the attempted hijack, he was serving the family of Araceli Fulles, the young victim of femicide who was murdered in April 2017. She was 22 years old.
In the clash with the thieves, the custodian received three shots that penetrated his body. He had to be transferred to the Hospital. There he received medical assistance.
For his part, Ricardo Fulles, Araceli's father , spoke with the press and released his hypothesis regarding what happened. "We have our doubts about what is supposed to be an attempted robbery, that they wanted to steal his vehicle. We think it may be a repression that exists on the Araceli case. It will be a couple of days since he stopped at 12 o'clock at night in front of my house and fired two shots into the air," he explained

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