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A Robbed Cab Driver Caught Up With And Shot The Robber

In itagui, Colombia, a cabbie, who was going to be robbed by a motorcyclist, chased the robber and shot him dead at close range.
According to versions of witnesses of the situation, a man who was traveling on a motorcycle approached the driver of a taxi and intimidated him with a firearm.
Apparently, in the middle of the situation, the criminal would have dropped his firearm, which is why he fled. However, another guy made him fall off the motorcycle, allowing the cabbie to catch up with him and kill him.
Despite the fact that the thief is already defenseless, he shoots him several times. The cabbie has already been captured by the authorities

  1. bomb 15 September 2022 16:53
    you have to love street justice, dude died in a patch of shitty patch of grass and shrubs while getting gunned to death, make better life choices.
  2. zippy 16 September 2022 07:46
    Cabbie didnt even bother to reclaim his stolen property
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