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Dude Shot Dead By His Accomplice

A young man lost his life receiving several gunshots. This event occurred in the Gualey sector, in Santo Domingo.
The deceased today was known in the town as CN. That, according to the information obtained, CN and his partner recently robbed a jewellery store.
From the premises that they robbed, they took clothing and a considerable amount of money that has not yet been clarified.
Well, the rumours say that CN wanted to return what was stolen, but his robbery partner reaped his ambition and preferred to take his life rather than turn himself in to the authorities along with the money.
This is the version that circulates, we do not know if it is true, because sometimes people make up stories of deceased people to make them look good.
At the moment, the police officers have only commented that they are after the search for his partner to bring him to justice for both cases

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