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Javier Alfredo Miranda Romero Killed By Bow

Genoa, Italy, 2 November 2022.
Javier Alfredo Miranda Romero, 41, a Peruvian citizen living in Italy, was celebrating his son's birth with a friend.
Italian man Evaristo Scalco, 63, started shouting abuse at them (including racial ones), because apparently Javier Alfredo and his friend were too noisy and he couldn't sleep.
After some insults, Evaristo shot a bow from his window. The bow hit Javier Alfredo on his lower abdomen, on the right side; he was taken to the hospital, where he died after 12 hours, due to massive blood loss and severly damaged liver. Doctors had put him in a list for an emergency liver transplant, but couldn't make it.
Evaristo was arrested and newspapers are calling him "the archer"

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  1. RathalosZ 5 November 2022 13:55
    Scumbag archer.
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