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Several Bodies Were Found In The Burnt-out Car

A massacre ended with six carbonized dead in a car in Joinville, in Brazil's Santa Catarina state, on Sunday morning (8). According to preliminary investigations, the crime also involved a burned house and occurred after a disagreement between one of the victims and the suspects, who have not yet been identified by police.
The case began in a house in the Morro do Meio neighbourhood, where the six victims lived with four other people. All of them were from Paraná and were paying rent to live in the residence while working at a service company.
During the night, a disagreement happened outside the house between one of the victims found charred and one of the authors of the crime. Hours later, at least six suspects returned to the residence and set fire to the property in retaliation for the argument.
In the place, there were three cars belonging to the company and that were used to transport the victims to a road near the end of a road, in Vila Nova neighbourhood. That is where one of the vehicles, a Fiat Uno, was found charred by residents, around 10am this Sunday.
At first, there were six charred bodies found inside the vehicle, but only the work of forensics will be able to determine how many victims were in the car. Due to the condition of the bodies it was also not possible to identify whether there were signs of violence. So far, no one has been arrested

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