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Man Killed His Wife's Lover

A businessman, whose name has not yet been released, found out that he was the victim of marital betrayal and last Sunday night, the 5th, he invaded a snack bar where he shot and killed the civil servant who had a loving relationship with his wife.
The murdered man is identified as R.G.C.V., 33, who worked at the Regional Hospital of Coari, municipality in the State of Amazonas, 363 kilometers from Manaus in a straight line.
One of the security cameras filmed the moment when the betrayed husband invades the cafeteria located in the Itamarati neighborhood, with a large-caliber revolver in his hand, and starts firing the shots that caused the death of the civil servant

  1. ... 7 February 2023 09:06
    he wont betray him again, thats for sure
  2. Mhondirika 25 February 2023 21:44
    So, you shoot the lover and then go back to your wife?? Whilst you're in prison getting your ass wrecked by bubba, she will be getting her ass wrecked by all kinds of men outside! Stupid move!
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