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Dude Lost Money In Pool And Killed Seven People

A man, whose identity has not been revealed, murdered seven people for not accepting having lost several times in a pool game. The barbaric crime was recorded this Tuesday afternoon (21), in a bar located in the municipality of Sinop. At the time of execution, another person surrendered the victims while the shooter executed them. A 12-year-old child is among the victims of the massacre.
According to preliminary information, the suspect would have bet and lost R$ 10,000 in the pool game. After losing the money, the man was ridiculed by the bar patrons. Irritated, the man would have returned in the car, picked up two guns and, in the company of the second suspect, returned to the scene

  1. fuckeduuuuup 25 February 2023 14:50
    Whoa dare!
  2. Kevin 27 March 2023 21:14
    Dumb monkey kills another monkeys
    There, fixed the title for ya
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