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Triple Murder In A Clothing Store. Brazil

Three men were shot dead last Thursday night (23) in the city of Cachoeirinha, in Pernambuco state. The crime was recorded around 7.30pm in an artisanal clothing store that made handmade harnesses and leather saddles. A 13-year-old was also shot, but is recovering (I don't think he's in this video)
The victims were the targets of gunshots from two armed suspects who arrived at the scene on a motorcycle, fired the shots and then fled. The fatal victims were identified as E.B.F., 38 years old, A.L.d.S., 19 years old, and G.F.d.S., 27 years old.
E. died at the scene of the crime, A. died after being admitted to the local hospital, and G. died after being transferred to a larger hospital in Caruaru

  1. Mhondirika 25 February 2023 20:57
    It looked to me like one or two of the young boys was alive and moving! The people around were busy filming and the women screaming instead of providing assistance!!
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