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Three People Died In The Apprehension Of A Criminal

Vietnam, Trying to arrest criminals Major N. X. H. from the Traffic Police died while on duty, and a man and a woman on a motorcycle were seriously injured and taken to the hospital, but died shortly after.
The two people who were killed by the car were H. N. C. M. (29) and P. T. K. T. (50)
The two victims above are workers at a company in the Industrial Park.
Yesterday afternoon district police coordinated with functional agencies to patrol and control on the provincial road to catch criminals transporting drugs. The pick-up truck traveling at a fast speed towards Ho Chi Minh City failed to stop when the police wanted to check the vehicle, but the driver did not comply and ran straight into the Major.
The vehicle dragged him for a long distance and then flipped over in the middle of the road.
The case is under investigation. The authorities detained two subjects

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