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Muslim Cleric Gunned Down In A Bank. United Arab Emirates

 An armed guard at a bank in northern Iran calmly walked up behind a senior Shiite cleric and shot and killed the ayatollah on Wednesday, according to surveillance footage from the site, the most-senior clergyman slain during months of unrest that has shaken the Islamic Republic.
The killing of Ayatollah Abbas Ali Soleimani stunned both bystanders who witnessed the shooting and the wider public. The cleric had served on the country’s Assembly of Experts that selects and oversees the Islamic Republic’s supreme leader. It comes after mass protests and a bloody security force crackdown on demonstrators following the September death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini after her arrest by the country’s morality police.
Authorities offered no immediate motive for the attack in Babolsar in Iran’s Mazandaran province, just north of the capital, Tehran. Initially, state television described a man overpowering a guard and shooting the cleric.
But later surveillance footage shared widely by Iranian media showed the shooter inside the bank, openly carrying a firearm and milling around briefly before he walked up to Soleimani and shot him.
As the shot rings out, Soleimani’s white turban falls to the floor as he goes limp. A window behind the cleric shatters. Two men, one of them wearing a green uniform, are seen, staring and apparently stunned. They later grab the man before the footage ends

  1. wendigo 28 April 2023 14:40
    it happened in Iran and in the description it says so why the title is united arab emirates
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