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A Man And His Daughter Shot In A Car

Last Wednesday a man, identified as M. J. S. B, and his 20 year old daughter (other sources mention a way younger age) had their vehicle washed when several hitmen got out of a van, that was parked along the road, and shot at them repeatedly. He died instantly and she on her way to the Hospital.

The father already had several criminal records in his history, such as attempted murder, murder and illicit association. In 2015 he, who was nicknamed as "The Fatal", was detained for the murder of the a Deputy Mayor, 57 years old and also of his son Y. C. M, 35, however, just a few months later, he was released. He was now running a Ecuadorian drug cartel

They also claim that he worked with State Intelligence to advance a campaign to discredit the revolutionary cause and the ELN. They point him out as being behind a series of murders and massacres in San Vicente de Chucuri and Barrancabermeja, including the massacre of the Cooperative in Vereda Peroles. The men state that “ Taking into account the legality of the ELN, the actions carried out by this character are classified as high treason and are crimes against the people, and therefore are worthy of capital punishment as the Code of War reads.” The ELN agreed to a ceasefire with the National Government on August 3rd but these actions have broken the agreement



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