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Nephew Doused His Aunt With 5 Liters Of Gasoline And Set Her On Fire. Romania

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The man who committed the shocking crime in Sector 6 of the Capital on Monday morning was caught. According to the first information of the investigators, this was the nephew of the victim. The two were caught on the block's video camera arguing. The man allegedly threw 5 liters of gasoline on the woman before setting her on fire.
The nephew killed his aunt over an inheritance
The verbal conflict between the two degenerated, and the man, who appears young and strong, jumped on her with fists and feet. The entire crime scene was filmed by surveillance cameras.

The images show how the two come out of the building's staircase together, at which point they meet a young woman. A dialogue ensues, after which the man starts throwing gasoline over the woman. she tries to run away, but the man follows her and continues to throw gasoline on her. At the moment the woman falls, the individual kicks her in the head. A neighbor tries to intervene, but fails to stop the criminal. The neighbor also chose to run away, extremely scared.

The investigators analyzed the images, and from here until the aggressor was caught, it was a matter of minutes.

"The victim was hit several times with fists and legs. On the images, it appears that there was a verbal conflict, which then degenerates into a physical one and culminates in the burning of the victim (...) It does not seem like a spontaneous conflict (...) Unfortunately, I cannot give you the details of the alleged aggressor. The victim's body was picked up and taken to the INML and the autopsy will be performed," said prosecutor Anghel Alexandru.

The man was caught by the policemen of section 25, and his name is Alexandru Popa, according to a judicial source, quoted by Libertatea.
It seems that the two, the nephew and the aunt, the woman was also the administrator of the block, had heated earlier discussions amid misunderstandings related to an inheritance

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