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Ford Focus Dude Stabbed Cop In Neck At Gas Station. Spain

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A National Police agent has been stabbed in the neck at the El Merla gas station in Alquerías: a district in the countryside of Murcia. The events have been recorded by security cameras and occurred this Wednesday, after two in the afternoon, when a Ford Focus in which Óscar S. L., 23, was traveling, along with other friends, stopped to refuel in the aforementioned service station.

"The kids have stopped to get gas and buy something at the store," as an employee at the El Merla gas station explains. "It seems that the two young people were followed by the National Police." In fact, in the recording of the security cameras that EL ESPAÑOL has accessed, this sequence that preceded the teenager's attack with a knife against an agent is corroborated.

The driver of the Ford Focus has gotten out of the vehicle, while a gas station employee approaches to refuel the car. Suddenly, a plainclothes national police officer appears and approaches the car and opens the driver's door: Óscar S. L. supposedly rushes out of the vehicle, brandishing a knife, without giving the agent time to draw his service pistol.

"The young man was being sought for a crime of gender violence," according to police sources explaining to EL ESPAÑOL, about the reason why Óscar has reacted so aggressively. In fact, this young man, 23 years old, who has a history of robberies and gender violence, has not hesitated to try to stab the national police officer in a life-threatening area, such as the neck, but the knife was inflicted on him. the shoulder.

This is stated in the audio that this newspaper has accessed, where someone from the Citizen Security Room 091 is heard analyzing the content of the images: "To all the units. I just saw the video and the individual has attacked directly an agent of the National Police on the neck. You can see perfectly how he attacks, without stopping, so be careful and be clear about your intervention."

The agents who are listening to the instructions on the aforementioned station react by recognizing the alleged perpetrator of the attack: "It's the Oscar!" In the video you can see that the police officer falls to the ground after the attack, but he quickly gets up and begins to point his gun at the suspect. Immediately, his partner appears in the sequence brandishing a gun. But neither of them have been able to prevent the escape of the suspect: Óscar S. L., 23 years old.

"The police officer was badly injured, but I think he is not in danger," explains an employee at the El Merla gas station in Alquerías with concern. For now, the images of Óscar that illustrate this information have been distributed to all the 'zetas' that are operational, as well as to the Civil Guard and Local Police patrols, to abort the escape of the alleged perpetrator of this attack on an agent. of authority.

Óscar has jumped over the gas station fence and has lost track of him. "It seems that he has fled along the highway towards Cartagena and the trail has been lost through Corvera or Los Camachos," according to police sources. The agent who was stabbed is "admitted to the ICU", so the arrest of Óscar was a priority objective for the National Corps.

So much so that after six in the afternoon, Diego Seral, spokesperson for the National Police, confirmed that the search operation has ended with the arrest of Óscar "as involved in the attack against an agent of the authority." The arrest occurred after the suspect suffered a traffic accident with a Ford Focus on the N-332 national highway.

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