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Man Wounded Woman Killed In Shooting In Richmond Hill, Queens

Police are investigating a shooting in Queens that left a woman dead and a man hospitalized. 

CBS New York's John Dias spoke with people who heard the commotion, and obtained exclusive video of the shooting. 

The video shows the intense moments before a deadly shooting in Richmond Hill just before midnight Wednesday morning. 

It shows two people wearing hoods that conceal their faces as they casually walk across Liberty Avenue by 127th Street while a third paces along on the sidewalk. 

The three then quickly whip out guns, and start shooting into a parked car. 

One man said he heard about 20 shots. He told Dias the overwhelming number of shots he head had him thinking someone was using a military rifle. 

"Like, semi-automatic," he said. "It goes bang bang, then bang bang bang." 

Police said 28-year-old Clarisa Burgos of Brooklyn was fatally shot in the head. A 39-year-old man driving the car was shot multiple times in his chest and torso. 

The video shows him driving frantically away from the scene right after. Police said he drove two miles to the 103rd police precinct in Jamaica to get help. He was then rushed to the hospital. We're told he is expected to survive. 

"That's crazy to hear," one man who just moved down the street last year said. "That's not right. It makes me sad... That's not nice. Not happy at all." 

Police are still trying to work out a motive. 

So far, no arrests have been made

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