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A Criminal Exploded A Grenade While Extorting Money From A Businessman. India

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The notorious rowdy Sugan hails from Kalapattu Tsunami residential area of Puducherry, who has a habit of extorting money and blackmailing shops, businesses and prominent businessmen.

In this situation, the rowdy Sugan Mamool contacted Venkatesan from Thondamanatham area, who runs a plastic bottle manufacturing factory in Ramanathapuram.

He has refused to give it and Sukan got angry and went to the Ramanathapuram factory today on a two-wheeler with his accomplice.

In an uncontrollable rage, Sugan took a bomb from his belt pocket to throw a bomb at businessman Venkatesan.

Then, when the bomb went off and exploded, the famous rowdy Sugan and the nearby businessman Venkatesan were seriously injured.

Immediately, the rowdy Sugan and his accomplice escaped from the spot on a two-wheeler, dripping with blood.

When the workers inside the factory heard the explosion, they rushed to see the businessman Venkatesan, who was badly injured and covered in blood, and was admitted to the nearby private hospitals for treatment. He is currently being treated there.

The Willianur police reached the spot after receiving the information and collected the clues and are searching for the raider who escaped.

Police are also investigating whether anyone has been admitted to hospitals in Puducherry with bleeding injuries.

It is noted that more than ten cases including murder, attempted murder, robbery, extortion, etc. are pending against Sugan, a famous rowdy who escaped.

The incident of throwing a bomb at the businessman after he threatened him and he did not give in, caused a lot of excitement and shock in Puducherry.

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