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Revenge On Cashier Killers

On the of 21st September 2021 in (Brazil), 29 year old S.N.d.A. was murdered.

'S', a cashier, was complying with armed robbers at her workplace. She had handed them the cash from the tills + was just taking off her watch to give to them, when one of the robbers shot her in the head.

'S' was taken to the hospital, but died shortly after her arrival. 'S', who was recently separated, leaves an 8 year old son + a 3 year old daughter.

The next day, the police arrested 2 men + a teenager. The 3 detainees, however, are not the 2 gunmen in the video. The trio had been covering for them + the police seized 2 guns from them; 1 of which was used in the crime

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