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One Day In The Life Of A Kidnapper In Prison

A woman who was kidnapped along with her two 2 and 3 year old children in Quilpue, managed to escape by her own means, According to information, the children were rescued and their state of health is reserved. The offender was captured. His name is D.A.C. who also runs "Los Alemanes" (a drug trafficking gang).
So, here we have a scumbag who druged her ex, then gunpoint kidnapped her for 2 day where he torture her. Also kidnapped her 2 kids. She escaped and call the police.
As you can see, that shit is not tolerated in chilean prisions. That's the rules: You don't hurt women and you definitely don't hurt kids.

-Aren't you such a badass mtf? X10
-I'm going to kill you, you bastard x 3
-You are not tough now mtf!! X3

From the background:
-Stab him!
-You hurt a little kid you peace of shit! Have you thought about the children?

Call me old fashioned but this is the punishment pedophiles, rapists and kidnappers deserve

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