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The Body Of A Trafficker And His Woman Are Found Shot To Death In A Car

A couple was riddled with bullets on the way to the defunct “Chiquita” Suchiate banana winery, at the time they were traveling aboard a gray Sentra vehicle with Quintana Roo license plates.
Three months ago, 48-year-old Alberto E. of Mexican origin, alleged human trafficker, suffered the first attack, near the Suchiate tolerance zone, himself who survived the armed attack. This Wednesday around 9:00 p.m. shots were heard on one of the streets of Ejido Suchiate. Elements of the preventive and municipal State Police went to the place where they located Alberto E., 48 years old, and a young woman of Honduran origin.
This afternoon Alberto E. had given a bouquet of roses to the young woman who accompanied him, when he was intercepted by two individuals who were traveling aboard a motorcycle, the brand is unknown, They immediately shot him at point blank range and the assassins fled in an unknown direction.
The driver of the vehicle was left out of the unit, kneeling on the door, while the woman was lying on the passenger seat, with the bouquet of roses that minutes before had been given to her. Alberto E. A 48-year-old Mexican, he is originally from Mexico City and lived in Suchiate. Elements of the border district attorney's office and expert services arrived at the scene, carried out the investigations and the removal of the bodies. The young woman named Bella Monserrad G., 27, from Honduras, had gone out with the deceased today without thinking that she was going to end up dead

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