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Drunk 34 Year Old Man Stabbed To Death By His Friends At A Gas Station

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A 34-year-old man was stabbed to death by a co-worker, on Friday night (13), at a gas station on BR-116 in Santa Rita de Minas, 319 kilometers from Belo Horizonte.

Security cameras recorded the moment Ronildo de Lana Cândido was stabbed. Romantiézer Silva Soares, corporal of the PM (Military Police), explains that the crime happened hours after a fight between the two in a restaurant.

— The author would have let a drumstick fall to the floor and kicked the snack. Outraged, the victim wanted to force him to remove the food from the ground, but his colleague refused.

According to the military, the pair were under the influence of alcohol. Witnesses reported that the disagreement continued while the two hitchhiked back to the city of Manhuaçu.

— When they got off the gas station in the vehicle, the perpetrator already had the knife in his hand. According to information we received, the victim was exalting and provoking the perpetrator.

Minutes before the murder, a video taken by the suspect shows the two arguing and him with the knife in one of his hands. Then the man attacks his colleague. Through the gas station's security circuit, it is possible to see that some people were filming the action and did not try to break up the fight.

The 27-year-old suspect was arrested red-handed. The knife used in the crime was seized


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