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A Police Officer Is Killed While Cleaning His Patrol Car. Mexico

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While cleaning a patrol van of the ministerial police, the agent of the State Attorney General's Office, Alfredo Pérez Obispo, was killed. The attack was registered on the Pipila causeway of the Mariano Matamoros neighborhood in the city of Tijuana. At three in the afternoon with 41 minutes the report of the gunshots that ended the life of the ministerial policeman was received in Baja California.

The experts determined that Pérez Obispó lost his life due to the injuries to the chest and back that he received by firearm in the security cameras show the way two men approach him while he is cleaning a pick-up truck. The offender makes eye contact with the officer. In the distance it can be seen that he makes a couple of shots and the officer in front falls to the ground leaving a blood stain

The witnesses pointed out that the killers fled in a green Cherokee-type pickup truck aimlessly and without having more information at the moment. respect.

Unofficially it is presumed that at the scene of the events there were two ministerial patrols, one that was cleaning the final agent, the another gray one parked on the sidewalk in front.

Alfredo Pérez Obispo had survived another attack while transiting over his unit official for the Guaycura extension in the city of Tijuana, on May 2, 2018 at 7:30 in the morning. At that time, Pérez Obispo was working in the Theft area at the State Attorney General's Office (FGE) in Baja California.

In his career, Perez Obispo was close to another attack, because one of his co-workers, surnamed Andrade, was attacked and killed in April 2017.

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