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Footage Of The Murder Of A Woman By Her Ex-husband With Whom She Had A Business In Common

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The ex-husband of Regiane Pires da Silva, who was filmed killing the businesswoman inside the couple's store, slapped the victim before shooting. A video shows the moment the suspect enters the office, delivers the slap and then fires the shots.

The crime occurred on the 28th of March, at an auto parts store in the Jundiaí neighborhood of Anápolis, which is 55 km from Goiânia. According to Deputy Wllisses Valentim, the victim and the suspect were in the process of divorce that, according to him, would have motivated the crime.

The ex-husband De Regiane Pires da Silva was arrested in Araguaçu, Southern Region of Tocantins, on the same day of the crime. In a statement, the suspect's defense said that it has not yet had access to the full process and that it awaits the custody hearing, scheduled for the afternoon this Friday (29).

Regiane Pires da Silva was in the Office of one of the couple's two stores when she was killed.

“They were a couple of businessmen who had two auto parts stores and each stayed in an office. He passed the office where she was and fired four shots, three hit the victim, who died on the spot,” the deputy detailed.

According to the Civil Police of Goiás, the truck and the weapon used in the crime were located in the with the nephew of the suspect. He must answer for the crime of femicide.


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