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Gang Members Killed A Rival Gang Member In Prison. India

Jailed gangster T.T. was killed in an attack by rival gang members inside the Tihar Prison Complex in New Delhi. The preliminary autopsy report said the body had 92 wound marks.
T. was thrashed with sharp-edged weapons by Y.T. and his aides in the high-security prison, officials said. He was also stabbed around 40 times with a tool often used to break ice, known as a 'sua'. Another prisoner was injured in the attack, but is reported to be out of danger.
CCTV footage shows the gang members using bedsheets in order to lower themselves to the ground floor.
T.T. had been arrested and imprisoned in 2016, but continued to command and control his gang from his cell. In 2021, two of his gang members, disguised as lawyers, killed a rival gangster who was standing trial in a Delhi courtroom. It is believed T.T.'s death was committed in revenge for this act

  1. Alex Di Stefano 5 May 2023 03:07
    All Indians are stupids
  2. ... 5 May 2023 03:13
    the operation was actually pretty good with the bedsheets movement. all indians are stupid but these 3 were more clever than the average
  3. markferrino 5 May 2023 22:51
    That’s a lot of friendly fire, er, friendly stabs
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