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Dude Stabbed A Car Salesman In The Neck For No Reason

July 13, 2023, Brazil- A merchant was stabbed to death on the afternoon of Thursday (13), in the West Zone of Natal. The crime took place on the sidewalk of the victim's vehicle store, at the intersection of Avenida 9 and Jerônimo Câmara, in the neighborhood of Nazaré.
A security camera video shows the moment of the crime. The victim is identified as G.C.B.d.S., 64 years old. He was sitting on the sidewalk when the suspect approaches and, apparently for no reason, the suspect stabs the victim twice.
One of the blows hit the merchant's neck and the other the side of the chest. A team from the Mobile Emergency Care Service (Samu) was called, but the injuries were very serious and G. could not resist. G. was well known in the region and very dear to everyone.
The revolted population held the man until the arrival of the Civil Police. According to information cleared by the reporter of TV Ponta Negra, Juliana Lobo, the suspect already has passage through the police, and was recently arrested and released in the custody hearing.
Teams from the Technical-Scientific Institute of Expertise (Itep) and the Homicide and Personal Protection Police Station (DHPP) conducted the expertise at the scene of the crime. G.'s relatives arrived at the establishment and were very shaken.

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