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Dude With A Long Criminal History Gets Shot In The Face

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A tragic scene of violence broke out in the Brisas del Río neighborhood of Malambo on Wednesday at 8:58 pm, leaving a man dead from gunshots.

According to the information provided by the community, several heavily armed individuals on board a motorcycle attacked a man who was in an establishment on 21st Street No. 1C5-09 in the aforementioned neighborhood.

The victim was identified as Walter Díaz Gonzáles, known in the sector by the alias "Tarzán." After the attack, he was rushed to the Campbell Clinic in Malambo, however, unfortunately, he arrived at the medical center without vital signs.

Walter Díaz Gonzáles had a criminal history, with 8 entries in his record, which included 2 for the crime of theft, 1 for carrying a firearm and 5 for the crime of drug trafficking.

The community of Brisas del Río and Malambo as a whole is shocked by this episode of violence, and the authorities have launched an investigation to clarify the details of the shooting and find those responsible for this tragic event

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