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Two Brothers, 19 And 20 Years Old, Were Killed In A Dispute Over A Beach Chairs

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Accused of killing brothers Josué Machado Santos, 19, and Daniel Machado Santos, 20, were identified, but remain at large. Both have criminal records and one of them has an open arrest warrant. Double homicide occurred on Sunday (12) after a fight over a chair, in the city of Comodoro (644 km to the West).

According to information from the Civil Police, the brothers were at a Residents' Association in Gleba Macuquinho (97 km from the urban perimeter) and took beach chairs to the location. When it was time to leave, a woman was sitting in one of them and there was a fight there.

Faced with the argument that involved the woman's husband and other people, the young people decided to leave. However, the accused followed, armed with a revolver and knife.

They captured the victims and injured them with shots to the head and stab wounds to the chest. The pair fled after the crime.
As soon as they were called to respond to the incident, the civil police began to investigate and, with the support of the residents of Gleba, identified the perpetrators of the crime.

According to Commodore's delegate, Ricardo Sarto, investigations continue to locate those responsible for the double homicide, as well as to determine whether the wife of one of the fugitives was involved in the murders.

The suspects' names were not released by the police, however they are aged 23 and 26 and have an extensive criminal record.


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