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Dude Got Shot In The Head For No Reason. Brazil

A man, 65, died after being shot by mistake while doing crosswords outside. The victim was sitting on the sidewalk outside a beverage distributor when he was hit.

He was taken to the Emergency Hospital but he did not survive his injuries.

CCTV shows when two young people pass by two other young men who were close to the elderly man. They exchange a few words, but the pair leave the distributor's door.

Then, the two young people who were passing by the place shoots into the air and one of the bullets hits the man who was on the sidewalk, drinking a soft drink. According to the Military Police, the bullet that hit the victim was fired by a teenager, who has already been apprehended.

The person responsible for the other shooting was also identified. The teenager, 16, stated that the shots were fired due to a war between rival criminal factions. The weapon used in the crime was seized

  1. Thisisbutter 2 December 2023 14:53
    There's a reason - target practice.
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