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4 Criminals Beat A 29 Year Old Guy To Death With Sticks

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Albino Lima da Silva, aged 33, Daniel Sobreira, aged 18, Moisés de Oliveira Filho, aged 23, and Bruno de Oliveira de Souza, aged 32, were arrested on Wednesday (20/12) and on Thursday -Friday (21/12), for involvement in the murder of Moisés Oliveira da Silva Júnior, aged 29, known as “Rato”.

According to police information, the crime occurred on Wednesday afternoon (20/12), near the Arena Beruri multi-sports court, in the Castanhal neighborhood, in Beruri (173 kilometers from Manaus). Moses was tortured and beaten to death during a “crime court” by six members of a criminal faction.
Videos shared on social media by the authors themselves show Moses with his hands tied and being attacked with lame leg blows. During a torture session, criminals accuse the victim of having done something wrong and make a video call to confirm the punishment.

Moses was found dying in a forested area and taken to the city hospital, but arrived dead with hemorrhage and head trauma.
After the crime, teams from the 2nd Military Police Group (GPM) received a report that one of those involved in the homicide was a fugitive from justice and was hiding in the house of an accomplice, identified as Albino, in the São Pedro neighborhood. At the scene, the police team found Daniel with 18 portions of drugs.
When questioned, he confirmed that the drugs belonged to the owner of the property, who was also his accomplice in the murder of “Rato”. The second person involved in the crime  was located at his sister's house. Two other suspects, Moisés de Oliveira and Bruno de Oliveira, were arrested on the same day as the murder.

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