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More Gays Thrown Off Buildings

Isis says he had sex with a little boy

  1. maveco 12 November 2021 03:29
    teaching religion for children
  2. Fetid01 4 February 2022 02:04
    So long, farewell, not sad to see you go.....
  3. HarryD 24 February 2022 16:20
    C'mon kids or we'll be late for the show
  4. Hypocrits 28 February 2022 02:33
    Kinda suspicious they’ve got like 30 fucking boys there with them???
  5. BellyMeat 21 August 2022 22:14
    Allah akbar my cock you crazy goat-fuckers
    1. RathalosZ 6 November 2022 04:32
      You a rescent protestantism cult faggot?
  6. dangerraisen 25 August 2022 10:13
    allah akbar you fuk'n barbarians! I CANT wait to see you all die
    1. RathalosZ 6 November 2022 04:34
      You a fag "preacher" from another blank protestant denomination?)
      They're dead scum walking anyway, might as well be this then after several children in their buttplug scumclub.
  7. RathalosZ 6 November 2022 04:35
    Aww, the nawwtpedoes getting the pedo treatment?)
    After child strippers in their biotrash clubs?)
    Wow, who woulda thought other countries aren't retarded like western ones on this matter.)
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