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Son Shot His Father During An Argument

LUBBOCK, Texas — On Wednesday, the wife of Chad Read, a man shot and killed November 5, released the video of the confrontation leading up to and the shooting itself

  1. TheBorg 29 November 2021 19:33
    These crazy ass motherfucking people acting all calm after somebody got shot and killed… these are the idiots who say come take my guns 2nd amendment all the way.
  2. Bad Words 29 November 2021 20:49
    Dude this is not a father and son. This is a dude going to get his kid at his ex wife house, and told to leave by the new BF and got shot.
  3. maveco 2 December 2021 06:00
    problem with his son. the BF was a killer,should be arrested.no reason to kill the father. he should call the police not take the gun
  4. MadMan2022 13 February 2022 18:55
    Dumb bitch keeping him from seeing his son. Dam wanna be gangsta fagget boyfriend who cant even throw hands like a dumb ass sorry pussy with his gun. This is why women get wacked. lol
    1. Fafafoehey 20 February 2022 00:14
      …you sound like you know these people...are you involved in this trailer park social circle ?
  5. TheMummy 21 June 2022 13:05
    The video title is wrong!

    The correction title is "This is a man who wants to take his child to his ex -wife's home, and the ex wife's friend
    1. TheMummy 21 June 2022 13:07
      says to him that you cannot do that and ask him to leave, but he did not accept, so he shot on him."
      In any case, this father can resort to the courts instead of doing so
  6. Mondolife 22 October 2022 09:41
    I mean the guy did say "i'm going to take this gun and use it on you" thats a threat
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