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Nationalists Hanged A Woman

  1. Dick Wad 18 February 2022 01:16
    Looks fake
  2. Prime Sinister 18 February 2022 02:26
    Absolutely fake
  3. Damian 18 February 2022 07:06
    Fake and gay
  4. Fake 18 February 2022 08:57
    This is fake
  5. OldFucker 19 February 2022 20:32
    To that black girl being fake hung - what are you a fucking crack whore?

    You knew how those cunts would use this video and you made it anyway.
  6. Proof of the Truth by the White man 20 February 2022 11:03
    This is 100% proof that all White people both male and female worldwide are prejudice. they was raise like that. A White man and a White woman's heart will always be full of HATE.
    1. billy george 27 February 2022 16:42
      shut up snowflake this is fake
    2. BellyMeat 31 March 2022 01:19
      …if that WAS true about white people you would be a field nigger picking cotton and if you dared to back-sass a white man your ass would be strung up
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