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Woman Died In The Gym

A woman of approximately 35 to 40 years of age died tonight in a gym in the peralvillo neighborhood, cuauhtemoc mayor's office, when a device to exercise arms and chest fell on her, causing sudden obstruction of the respiratory tract. The incident took place at the gym fitness sport gym located at 83 beethoven and caruso streets, in the aforementioned neighborhood

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  1. Jason 24 February 2022 14:43
    wtf was she thinking?
  2. Abc 26 February 2022 03:20
    Never let womens do something dangerous
  3. none of your business 26 February 2022 13:08
    did they think it was ok to let her do that or why didnt anyone stop her
  4. ... 21 November 2022 06:17
    yellow top girl, please stop touching your hair
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