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Torture By Fire - Dude Burned To A Charcoal

  1. Slicko53 27 July 2022 08:27
    Brutal motherfuckers! WOW!
  2. markferrino 27 July 2022 09:40
    What. The. Fuck.
  3. Thisisbutter 27 July 2022 20:11
    Tis but a sunburn
  4. Pennywise 15 August 2022 21:37
    This is the worst torture method because what ever you wanted to get out of him, he can't tell you anymore and he wouldn't even try because it cannot get any worse.
    1. Troll Pope 13 October 2022 14:20
      I might just add this on you'r replies, I didnt even udnerstand one single shit from your text.
  5. NATEHIGGERS69 27 December 2022 21:33
    I’ve always wondered with this video it seem
    To be two different guys the 2nd clip the dudes t shirt is in tact and not ripped like before
  6. LeopardsSpots 20 January 2023 17:08
    I read when this first was uploaded that this guy used this method on other people so this was retribution. Don't feel sorry for him. I hope that is accurate because this is cold AF.
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