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Ukrainian Nationalists Castrate A Russian Soldier /edited/

For the idiots who believe the propaganda and send me complaints

Video shows Ukrainian soldiers cutting off the balls of a Russian soldier. The soldier committing the crime is wearing Nike sneakers. These sneakers are the official uniform of the Ukrainian National Olympic Team at the 2008 Olympics.

Ukrainian Nationalists Castrate A Russian Soldier /edited/

The jersey he wears is the uniform of the Ukrainian Security Service. You might say - the militiamen wore uniforms. I'll tell you, no way are militiamen wearing the enemy's clothes-it's just not safe.

Z sign on the sleeve was placed specifically to discredit the Russian army - just like the provocation in Bucha
So shut up you stupid bastards and use your brains.

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  1. austin71 28 July 2022 18:33
    This is actually wrong it’s the opposite it’s been reposted like a thousand times
  2. Pentagram 29 July 2022 10:24
    The fuckers are Russians, not Ukrainians. The video have been reposted with correct informations for multiple times. At least try to use a video with no info sources if you're trying to ruin a reputation of a certain party
  3. santomanto 30 July 2022 05:46
    i cant say they are huge bastards.. FUCKRAINE God Bless Russia
  4. heirofislam 1 August 2022 13:56
    People who are pro Western are like no this is not ukrainians, well ukrainians can be terrorists now no one care if that means defence of western world, so i'm not suprised, Death to Ukraine.
  5. BellyMeat 10 August 2022 17:05
    This shit has absolutely no place; military leaders on both side should stop this even if it means executing their own…religious militants have no honour THEY do this shit…
  6. Thisisbutter 2 September 2022 02:35
    10 buks says they ate it for dinner later
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