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The Actor Died On Stage In Front Of His Children

35-year-old R.S, was dancing in the pandal in the form of Hanuman Ji in the Ganesh Chaturthi program when he suddenly suffered a heart attack.
The man was admitted to the district hospital by the locals present on the spot, but the doctors declared him dead.
After this there was chaos in the family and now the family is crying badly. It is being told that the family brought the body of the young man home from the district hospital without conducting a post-mortem

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  1. Mhondirika 9 September 2022 00:41
    A "heart attack" at age 35!!
  2. giverofthechooch 9 September 2022 18:18
    SADS. experts bafffled. scientists perplexed. doctors beside themselves. but he was a good person.
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