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A Boy Strangled His Grandmother

  1. bomb 13 September 2022 16:43
    Idiot old chink holding onto the croc like its going to do something, it takes alot of hate to make a child who are often pure hearted and innocent to subdue there elder who is probably deserving of this
  2. Thisisbutter 13 September 2022 21:42
    Mom's next.
  3. GOODTRAINNIG 13 September 2022 22:53
    the boy was tired of getting hit with the very stick he was using to choke the life out of her!...a wonderful lesson
  4. Alex Di Stefano 14 September 2022 16:29
    all the chinese are stupids
  5. dangerraisen 15 September 2022 05:00
    Oh china.. this is part of Festivus and the Feats of Strength.
  6. Mhondirika 17 September 2022 00:30
    The boy looks like a serial killer in the making, he was provoking the old lady! She evidently didn't look like she could chase or hold him down! And the idiot recording, Should be prosecuted and imprisoned!!
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