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Ex-husband Stabbed His Wife In A Store

A 57-year-old woman was stabbed and killed by her ex-husband on Thursday morning in Ubaí, in northern Minas Gerais.
The crime was registered in the city centre, at around 10.30am. They were married for 28 years, had separated about a year ago, and had three children. The woman had a protective measure against her murderer issued since January and the suspicion is that the motivation for the crime was passionate. The man, 53, ran after the victim. She tried to ask for help in a home appliances shop, but, as the man was armed with the knife, no one could stop the crime, which was completed inside the shop.
M.d.D.P.M.d.S. was hit with seven stab wounds and taken to the city health unit, but did not resist the injuries. When police approached the murderer, he put the knife to his own neck and came at the police. He was shot in the leg, but he continued towards the police and five further shots were fired at him. Three of the shots hit his thorax, one hit his thigh and the other hit his knee. He is currently in serious condition in a hospital, where he remains under police escort

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