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Child Warning! Dogs Mauled 4 Year Old To Death. India

A pack of stray dogs has mauled a 4-year-old boy to death in Telangana, a video of which has gone viral sending shock waves. The video shows the dogs suddenly attacking the child while tailing him, and then he falls down. According to a Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) employee, the boy was probably holding a pouch containing some food item when the dogs jumped on him. The terrified child tries to flee, but the dogs close in and knock him down. They then begin pulling on his clothes as the child tries to break free. When he tries to get up, the dogs attack and knock him down. They quickly overcome him and bite him all over. Three smaller dogs can be seen watching as the huge dogs continue to bite the child and pull him to a corner

  1. Alex Di Stefano 21 February 2023 23:40
    All Indians are stupid
  2. Thisisbutter 22 February 2023 13:06
    Thanks for the child warning - I enjoyed it.
  3. ... 23 February 2023 08:38
    poor kid
  4. fuckeduuuuup 25 February 2023 14:52
    lel, shit be cray cray
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