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Woman Died In A Terrorist Attack

A grenade exploded in the center of Cúcuta and killed a woman. The explosive device was located in a garbage can. The authorities report that there were also at least 4 injured in the event. The area is cordoned off.
Terrorist attack in the center of Cúcuta: a woman dead and several injured
April 17, 2023- Around noon on Monday, April 17, a strong explosion was reported in the center of Cúcuta, more precisely in the Mercedes Abrego Park, in the department of Norte de Santander; The authorities reported that a woman died in the attack and several were injured.
ELN left pamphlets and explosives on public roads in several cities in the country, including Bogotá
Passers-by in the area say that it was a fragmentation grenade that caused the strong explosion in this crowded area of   the capital of the department of Norte de Santander.
A few minutes after the explosion, several ambulances and an emergency team were present at the site to care for the injured, in addition to removing the person who died in this unfortunate event

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