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A Police Officer Killed His Neighbor. Brazil


Vitória, Espírito Santo state
Images from a video surveillance camera show the exact moment when 28-year-old military police officer L.T.d.O. (1st pic) shot and killed his 37-year-old musician neighbour, G.R. (2nd pic).
The surveillance video shows G. approach L. with his hands behind his back. At one point, L. hits G. in the face with the gun. The victim then slams his hands down on the gun. The policeman's friend pushes the musician. Afterwards, the victim heads towards the door, but falls soon after, already shot.
After committing the crime, Lucas looks at the neighbor on the floor and takes two sips of the drink that was in the glass.
L. was taken to the police station, where he claimed self-defense, and was released. However, police have now stated they have come across evidence that verified the case as not one of legitimate defense, and a temporary arrest warrant against L. has been issued

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