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10 People Killed in Auto Body Shop Shooting in Ecuador

At least ten people died and two were injured after an attack on a car repair shop in a southwest neighborhood of Guayaquil, Ecuador’s main port city and economic center. Target of the attack, Guayaquil is in a state of emergency due to the increase in violence caused by drug trafficking in the region. Ecuador is located between Colombia and Peru, the world’s largest producers of cocaine.
The Attorney General’s Office of Ecuador points out that it has opened a preliminary investigation into the murder. At dawn, at the scene of the attack, bodies were seen lying on the sidewalk, amid pools of blood. All around, people were crying and hugging each other as police cordoned off the area.
“There was a shooting at a place where several people were drinking. The gunmen came with motor vehicles and killed whoever was here”, reports a witness who preferred not to be identified.
The attack on Saturday, according to residents of the region, took place at a car repair shop where several people were watching a soccer game. “The owner woke up to clean up the blood with a bucket of water,” said Yolanda, a 55-year-old trader who asked to omit her last name

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