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6 Dead And 6 Injured In Ecuadorian Restaurant Shooting

An armed group shot at the customers and workers of a restaurant in Montañita, on the night of May 20. According to reports of this new terrorist act, there are six dead and at least six injured. The videos disseminated on social networks show bloodied people on the floor of the Parrillada La Estancia business and people desperate for this shooting. A woman is among the four deceased in the place, located on Guido Chiriboga Street. It was also reported that the barbecue died there, as a collateral victim.
The wounded were taken to hospitals in the nearby cities of La Libertad and Manglaralto. As there were no ambulances available, the trips were in private cars and even patrol trunks. Eight were injured, but two died in the health homes.
No authority in the province of Santa Elena has issued information about the cause. Unofficially, it was reported that the armed group sought to kill a person. The target would be the son of a leader of an organized crime group who intended to spend the weekend in Montañita. His bodyguard responded to the fire, which unleashed the shooting and caused collateral casualties

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