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Father Drags Daughter's Body Tied To Motorcycle. India

A CCTV camera captured the moment when the man was seen dragging his daughter's body behind his bike at full speed.
A shocking incident from Punjab has come to light where a father killed his own daughter after she ran away from home with a guy without informing her parents.
The girl came back home the next day with her alleged boyfriend but paid the price for it with her own life.
That is when her father tied her to his motorcyle and dragged her towards the railway lines where her body was eventually found by locals who informed the cops.
The honour killing incident took place in Amritsar's Muchhal village.
The footage has gone viral on social media with viewers expressing their shock and disgust at the father's actions against his own daughter.

  1. Alex Di Stefano 12 August 2023 23:59
    All Indians are stupids
  2. markferrino 13 August 2023 20:09
    That is a horrendous way to die
  3. ... 15 August 2023 05:18
    do the same to him
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