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Dude Stabbed His Ex-Girlfriend While She Was On The Street

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Joana Darck Alencar, 34 years old, was stabbed several times, this Thursday morning (7), on the main avenue of Parque Piauí, South Zone of Teresina. The crime was recorded by a security camera (watch above), which shows the criminal getting out of the car and going straight towards the victim and stabbing her several times with a knife.

The images show the woman sitting on the sidewalk, waiting for the store where she works to open, when the criminal approached her abruptly and stabbed her several times with a knife.

She was rescued and taken to the hospital. The victim's family told g1 that her health condition is stable.

No one has been arrested so far. The victim's ex-boyfriend is considered a suspect. According to the family, the couple had been together for around 8 months and the relationship was troubled.

The relationship ended about 15 days ago and the man did not accept the end of the relationship. According to family members, the man had already threatened the victim, who recently filed a police report against him.

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