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12 Year Old Son Of Cartel Leader Beheaded

  1. AcidNiNjA 10 September 2021 14:57
    That was a blunt knife. I suppose that was on purpose though
  2. FdaPolice 19 September 2021 12:16
    Bruh that dude took to long fire him shouda done the 10000 degree knife challenge instead...
  3. Ice 19 September 2021 23:30
    Gotta give the kid credit, no screams and no pleading. Not a whimper. Doing my deeds to Taliban, the faggots would cry like girls, beg and plead. By the way, cut from the back forward, much faster.
  4. Beau True 23 October 2021 07:14
  5. HGJH 13 November 2021 19:48
    Son of whom?
    1. Hoss 1 December 2021 19:56
      That's what I wanna know
  6. MadMan2022 14 February 2022 22:58
    That's one tough kid who went like a soldier unlike all the other crying little bitches squealing like pics. I give this kid credit for his big heart and goin down like a gangsta
  7. santomanto 11 May 2022 10:49
    Barbaren, Evil People.... COWARDS
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