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Young Guy Hanged Himself In His Bedroom

A young man was desperate to end his life by hanging himself. The young man, a.H.K (20) was found hanging by a rope in his bedroom yesterday at around 4:30 pm. The victim's body was first discovered by his neighbors.
The neighbor was contacted by the victim's grandmother and asked to see the victim because the victim did not answer when she called him.
Neighbors approached the victim who was silent in the house. When called the victim did not respond.
At that time, the victim's neighbor entered the house. He assumed the victim was asleep. He saw the victim's bedroom door was slightly open and then pushed the bedroom door. In shock he saw the victim hanging on a rope and called the police

  1. Troll Pope 13 October 2022 14:29
    okay why the fuck do all people treat him and his house like a museum atraction? jurrasic park bouta be real!?
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