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Philippino Woman Hangs Herself from a ceiling fan

  1. 阿求 11 June 2021 03:49
    Remember not to do this, you gotta jump to nd your suffer immediately, it just alow and chokingly painful death this way
  2. Catzy 1 July 2021 16:39
    Her feet opened
    Too bad I wasn't there I would like to put my finger in between her feet
  3. loser 10 August 2021 07:01
    Whatcha doin??? Just hanging around. Maybe she'll do a better job next time🤣🤣🤣
  4. That ain’t it chief 23 August 2021 14:26
    Imagine being a witness to this live. Sad shit, Remember that most deaths are unavoidable but suicide is always avoidable
  5. Jaza 3 September 2021 11:49
    Her feet open, almost can put a finger in between and she'll hold on to your finger
  6. Beau True 29 September 2021 21:39
    Who ever is watching this horrible video and thinking about suicide. Please don't hurt yourself. God LOVES you Jesus Died for you. Please be well and have a wonderful day. God Bless I am praying for you.
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