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Guy suicided and he is still alive

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  1. Cake 15 August 2021 10:21
    Jesus did he swallow a handful of firecrackers or what? If it was an explosive, I hope he tried this stunt by himself. If he did try to kill other people at the same time then the jack ass low key can sit and spin
    1. nezphon 7 March 2022 14:55
      I'm I think it's a shotgun, but a weak bullet.
  2. Holy shit face breather 3 October 2021 11:11
    This guy seems like he’d be bitching about the weather with u if he wasn’t stupid enuf to realize he’d survive a blast to the face….next time aim a little truer dude…
  3. TheBorg 30 October 2021 03:55
    Proof you can live without a face. This is absolutely insane
  4. Thisisbutter 13 July 2022 21:20
    Nice aim, numbnut.
  5. BellyMeat 16 July 2022 02:08
    Jesus Mother Fucking Christ….they’re horrific…well, that takes suicide by gun off the table for me…no fucking way
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